Quality Policy

Quality and Environmental Policy

Managing Director of Systems Professional Services Co., Ltd. has set up a policy of quality and environment to suit the context, strategy, and goals of the organization. It is commitment to meet the requirements of the standards and the efficiency improvement of the operation on a continuous basis. Also the communication quality and the environment to all levels of employees to know and realise the importance of implementing the system. This will be as a framework of quality and environmental objectives.

The definition of corporate context is the analysis of factors within organization, together with external factors, stakeholders, and their requirements and expectations. The process has been defined in Practice Corporate Context Analysis Risk Assessment and Opportunity.

Our top executive, Managing Director, committed to bring the organization to international standards in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards. The Quality and Environmental Policy is as follows:


“We are a leader in sales, installation, services, and quality assurance. To maximise customers’ satisfaction and continuity of development under the standard environmental management.”


This Quality and Environmental Policy, all employees must understand coordinately, able to implement to meet the objectives and goals of the company. It has been scheduled to be published and distributed to all employees and to be reviewed the policy and goals annually for all necessary improvement needed. This is to enswurethe quality management and environmental management systems.